Wooden Handle Brush Back Scrubber

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Healthy & Beautiful Skin’s Secret 

Being made of high quality materials, our bath body brush, can be used both for showering and dry skin brush, remove dead skin, promote lymphatic and blood circulation, improve your skin's quality and leave it softer and smoother.

Product Features :
1. Super Long 15.7" Bath Brush. You can easily reach your feet and back.
2. High Quality & Eco-friendly materials
3. Being wrapped with hemp rope, the handle is non-slip
4. Perfect For Dry / Wet Body Brush.

How to Use
Step 1: Soak with warm water for about 2 minutes to soften it before use
Step 2: Apply some shower gel on the brush head.
Step 3: Gently rub the brush by hand to get abundant foams.
Step 4: Clean the body with the brush.
Step 5: Rinse the brush and hang it to dry.