100% Bamboo Kitchen Dish Cloths

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  • 100% Bamboo
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  • THE HIGHT QUALITY LIFE - 6 pack of each size 11.8”X11.8”, 100% with natural bamboo fibers, it’s organic with a soft feel, eco-friendly, sustainable — so good for your health and good for our planet!  It’s air-breathing and fast-drying, therefore no mildew after using like other towels do.
  • A good kitchen dishcloth, not only to absorbs water but also to stain oil- The special micro - pore structure of bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption ability and easily removes various stains.
  • THE HIGH-QUALITY LIFE - This dish towel has a strong absorbent and defacing force, soft and fluffy, easy to clean, suitable for wiping tableware pot, kitchen equipment, glass, furniture, automobile, precision instrument and so on.
  • Bamboo fiber feels smooth and delicate.
  • Bamboo fiber's antimicrobial - bamboo has a unique substance: bamboo kun, with natural antibacterial, anti-mite, insect repellant, anti-odor function.