100% Plant-Based Compostable Straws

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  • Originated from Nature: Petrochemicals free, no pollution. Made of plant material in accordance with the standards of ASTM 6400, EN13432, and OK COMPOST.
  • A Fantastic Alternative to Plastic Straws: They are sturdy, bendable and as convenient as regular straws. These biodegradable straws will neither become soggy nor disintegrate into your drink.
  • Flexible Straws: You can comfortably enjoy the drinks on the sofa or bed without getting up or turning your neck.  Being bendable, they are friendly to disabled and bedridden people.
  • Good for Your Health: No hazardous substances will be released due to overheating, and no ingredients will be blended into the drink due to oily substances contact (cream, etc.).
  • What You Get: 200 compostable bendy straws with the size of 8.25" * 0.25"(8 1/4 inch* 1/4 inch). Suitable for most beverages, containers, and different occasions.
  • Note: We cannot ship this particular product to the state of California.