3-inch Peat Pots Pack of 50 | Seed Starter Pots Biodegradable Eco Friendly

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  • The Best Peat Pots Pack : Starting an indoor garden is easy with our bulk pack of organic peat seed starter pots for seedlings. Simply place your seeds into the seedling transplant pot. Once it sprouts, you can place the entire peat cup and sapling into the ground or into a larger pot. This makes the “greenfingers” seed starter pot set the best choice for plant propagation.
  • Perfect Sized Seed Starter Pots : Each seed plant pot is just the right size for growing vegetables, herbs or flowers. The indoor growing pots measure 3 inches in diameter by 3 inches in height. The set includes 30 plant markers and a Bonus Growing Guide!
  • Ideal Transplant Conditions : Transplanting your plug plants or saplings is made simple with our biodegradable pots. Keep your seeds moist, but don't over-water them, as the peat pots are designed to absorb moisture and will disintegrate if saturated. Enhanced aeration allows a strong root system to develop and prevents transplant shock. Greenfingers paper pulp pots are not too thirsty, so they won’t wick too much moisture from the soil.
  • 100% Biodegradable Garden Pots : Help the environment by using these eco-friendly pots! The entire planting pot will decompose naturally once transplanted to your garden bed. Greenfingers have the best indoor pot pack, because they don’t fall apart too quickly, giving your plants enough time to sprout and grow!