300-Pack Multi-Color Biodegradable Paper Straws - 10 Bright Colors - Eco Friendly Straws

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  • 300 PACK - Each box contains 300 striped straws in 10 bright colors (30 per color)
  • ECO FRIENDLY - Our straws are made from biodegradable food grade paper and are Plastic and BPA-FREE. They are made from food safe dye and the straws are odor and taste-free.
  • GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Our Multi-Color Biodegradable Paper Straws are excellent for birthday parties, bridal showers, barbecues and more! They are also perfect to use as an eco-friendly alternative to Cake Pop Sticks
  • HELP SAVE OUR PLANET- Did you know, it takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose and that they can't be recycled in most places? Each paper straw used helps put an end to the billions of straws that end up in oceans every single year.