5.3 Oz Dry Bar Dish Washing Soap, No Toxic Life, Natural Ingredients, Solid Dish Soap Bar Block, Skin-Friendly and Safe Formula

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nature balance

100% Nature Ingredients Dishwash Soap Bar

It contains health ingredients without chemical components. We found a way to compensate for the weakness of bar type detergent. The answer to TOBE dish bar is made by natural oils. Natural oils provide TOBE Dish bar dete lather and not melt easily. It keeps TOBE Dish bar hard enough to the end of usage. Zero waste.

Climate Pledge Friendly

Climate Pledge Friendly

Climate Pledge Friendly uses sustainability certifications to highlight products that support our commitment to help preserve the natural world. Time is fleeting. 

  • Coconut Oil : Foaming, soap cleaning power
  • Lime Oil: Antibacterial effect, eradication of bacteria, removal of odor
  • Eucalyptus: keeping your sensitive skin protected
  • Kale Powder: Loaded With Powerful Antioxidants, protect bare hands dish washes
  • The Perfect Alternative: Whether you’re looking for a smart eco-friendly alternative to your classic dish detergent or you simply want to protect your delicate hands while still enjoying spotless plates, the TOBE dish scrubber soap is exactly what you need!
  • Premium Natural Formula: These dishwashing supplies are made with superior quality, all-natural ingredients, a unique blend based on centella asiatica extract, coconut oil, grape seed oil, kale powder, lime oil, purified water, sea salt and sugar, with no harsh or dangerous substances.
  • Enriched with Eucalyptus: Unlike similar products on the market, the TOBE dishwashing soap contains diluted eucalyptus, a key ingredient in keeping your sensitive skin protected against excessive dryness or unpleasant cracked hands, for a smooth and safe experience!
  • Efficient Dish Cleaning: This dishwashing detergent is easy to use and works perfectly in cold or hot water, efficiently removing even the most stubborn greasy stains or food grime! Keep your plates, pots, cooking trays and silverware impeccable without any effort!
  • Foamy and Biodegradable: This natural dish soap enjoys a rich, bubbly texture which is easy to rinse and leaves behind no unpleasant residue or stains. Our dish soap eliminates the classic plastic bottles or containers and minimizes waste, having an eco-friendly biodegradable formula!