6 Christmas Themed Gift Bags with Scratch Paper Panel for Personalized Messages

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  • Never worry about a lost tag or card again!

    It's the time of year for gift exchanges, sharing with friends and family. And - inevitably, in the pile of discarded wrapping there's always a gift with a missing tag, a card that's become separated from the gift... a guessing game to figure out who gave this beautiful present... or who it's for?!


    Your gift will stand out of the pile with your customized message written right on the bag in eye-catching metallic rainbow scratch paper!

    Clearly - and artistically - mark who it is for, from or any other customized messages or images you want to share.

    Super unique, super fun and super YOU - represent your wonderful self when you create your own message on our customizable bags!

    **These bags are so unique, they are PATENT-PENDING to Purple Ladybug. You won't find them anywhere else!

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    What's included?


    • 6 brown paper gift bags with handles and a scratch note built into the side ready for customization
    • 6 pieces of tissue paper in red and green
    • 4 stylus-style scratchers


    Three different bag designs (2 of each are included):

    Two designs are not specific to Christmas and can be used for any holiday gift-giving.


    • Penguin "Let It Snow"
    • Santa "Ho Ho Ho"
    • Christmas Tree "Merry Christmas"


    Each bag measures 8" wide x 5" deep x 10" high. The handles are 4" from the top of the arch to where they attach to the bag.

    Each paper bag has handles and a piece of black scratch paper on one side of the front. It comes covered in plastic to protect it. When you're ready to wrap, simply peel off the protective plastic and write whatever message you want!

    Scratch paper has a black matte surface with a vibrant fun metallic rainbow pattern underneath. Reveal brilliant colors with every stroke of the stylus-style scratcher (4 are included).