Reusable Produce Bags - Eco-Friendly Carrying Sack

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  • THE ONLY 100% PLASTIC-FREE REUSABLE PRODUCE BAG SET; Unlike other sets that feature plastic parts, stickers, and tags, the ArmStrong reusable grocery bags are the only ones with absolutely ZERO PLASTICS - Not even in our packaging; Our set is the most eco-friendly, zero-waste available on the market and it's definitely the perfect gift even for the most environmentally conscious people

  • 7 UNIQUE SIZE VEGGIE BAGS FOR BETTER ORGANIZATION; If you're like us, grocery shopping includes various veggies and fruits; Putting everything in 1 or 2 bags may cause damage and will definitely result in confusion when weighting is required; ArmStrong equips you with 3+3 unique, extra-durable muslin and mesh produce bags so you can keep everything neatly sorted and save time at checkout

  • 2 EXTRA-USEFUL SHOPPING ACCESSORIES INCLUDED; You will also receive 1 extra-large cotton shopping bag (with large pockets) to store other foods and purchases and 1 cotton sheet, used to conveniently transport and protect leafy greens and other vegetables

  • TARE WEIGHT LISTED TO SAVE YOU MONEY; Many reusable veggie bags offer no weight information so every time you weight fruits and vegetables you're actually paying more - way more if you consider that some veggies are even 10x more expensive than others; Each of our bags comes with weight info listed with big letters on the side so you can subtract that from the total weight and pay only for the raw produce you're buying