Eco Friendly Paper Bowls 50 Count, 40oz

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Our beige/natural bowl compostable bagasse bowls are designed everything you put on traditional paper bowls. Bagasse bowls are very sturdy, reliable and will demonstrate your commitment to helping the environment.

  • HEAT RESISTANT AND DURABLE - These bagasse bowls are a great alternative to plastic and have a holding temperature of up to 212֯ F. Go compostable without giving up its dependability. Bagasse bowl feel and perform like traditional paper bowl and will ensures a reliable and enjoyable experience on every use.

  • COMPOSTABLE IN COMMERCIAL FACILITIES - Fully compostable within 60-90 days in commercial facilities.

  • MICROWAVE SAFE - A safer alternative for when you need to heat food on the go, compare to traditional Styrofoam or petrochemical based plastic bowls.