Bamboo Disposable Diaper Liners

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  • 100% viscose derived from bamboo
  • Imported
  • 600 SHEET PACK OF COMPOSTABLE DIAPER LINERS: Soft, fuss-free & eco-friendly diaper liners. Kindy Ecobaby Flushable Diaper Liners are the quick and convenient answer for cloth diaper care
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: As liners for babies and also with incontinence pads/diapers.  Ideal for babies and the elderly!
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Place a liner in the diaper, Place liner on top of diaper insert closest to baby, flush or bin when soiled. No need to awkwardly rinse or scrape poo into the toilet! Septic tanks and older plumbing systems may require you let soiled liners soak in the bowl a bit before flushing to prevent clogging or damage. Alternatively bin instead of flush
  • SOFT BAMBOO: Kindy Ecobaby Diaper Liners are made of Bamboo viscose from natural renewable resources, in a thickness that offers strength and minimal environmental impact. Contains no odors or chemical residues.
  • EXTRA LONG ROLL, PERFORATED SHEETS: 200 bamboo viscose (100 p/cent viscose derived from bamboo) sheets per roll - totalling 600 sheets Biodegradable, Chemical-Free