Bamboo Kids Bowls Set of 4

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  • TAKE BACK YOUR INDEPENDENCE!: Hi Mama! Yeah, you. We see you over there, caked in dried milk and baby drool . Are you tired of your little one calling all the shots? Feel like you can never have “nice things”? Think you’ll go crazy if you have to hear Moana or Daniel Tiger one more time? With the Bobo & Boo 4 piece Bowl Set , you can take back dinner time! Perfectly sized for little fingers but beautifully designed for adult eyes, these kids bamboo serving bowls can be enjoyed by all!
  • HASSLE-FREE, WORRY FREE: With BPA and Phthalates being in the majority of plates for toddlers, it’s difficult to find serving bowls that are both loved and safe for children. If you are concerned about plastic and chemicals in food products, then this dish set is for you. Our baby snack bowls are made of natural bamboo, making them toxin-free and food-grade . FDA and parent approved, the Bobo & Boo reusable bowls for kids makes mealtime just a little less stressful.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY : Our bamboo dishes for boys and girls are renewable & sustainable, making them environmentally friendly . Whether using them in your home or for the great outdoors like picnics, camping, barbeques, birthdays, backyard parties, or lounging by the pool, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping to keep this planet preserved for your little ones. Made by mothers, loved by mothers , and safe for mother earth, these snack, lunch, and dinner bowls are a MUST for every household.
  • KID-FRIENDLY: At Bobo & Boo, we know how frustrating dinnertime can be for parents . Between your one toddler refusing to eat anything green and the other child acting like he’s food-critic, Gordon Ramsey, meals can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. These BPA-free lunch bowls are shatterproof , dishwasher-friendly , high-quality , and durable
  • STYLISH AND TIMELESS: In an ef fort to help parents regain some semblance of independence, we created this bowl set for kids AND adults. Beautifully designed with bright colors, these bowls for eating are fun for infants and toddlers, but have a classic look so grown-ups can enjoy them, too. Say buh-bye to Elmo and Frozen. Our simple dishware can be used and enjoyed at any age. Lightweight & versatile, kids will use them for years. You can also mix & match with our full line of products & colors