Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads, Cloth Sanitary Pads, Light Incontinence Pads, Reusable Menstrual Pads - 6 Pack

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Strives to make things possible, lessening the amount of trash a family produces. We are on a mission to bring more reusable products into homes by making them practical and beautiful.

When you buy and use a reusable product, you are showing your children how to care for the world they will inherit. 

  • Modern
  • Leak-free
  • Sustainable
  • Feel Confident
  • High Absorption 

Soft & Breathable

Reusable Menstrual Pads ultra soft, grey charcoal inner fabric layer against your skin, much softer than Disposable Sanitary Pads, easy to clip on panties. No chafing and irritation. Work great as post- partum maxi pads.

Feel Fresh and Relax Day and Night

Welcome to the world of the cloth sanitary pads. Washable menstrual pads are manufactured from breathable, absorbent fabric - Bamboo Charcoal, the great softness, freshness and stay relax feeling on your skin. No chemicals! More soft than disposable sanitary products. We devote to inspire our customers to embrace more positive and informed relationships with their bodies and the Earth.

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Package & Materials

Each package with 1 leak-free wet bag

Outer Shell - 100% Leak-free lamination fabric

Inner:100% bamboo Charcoal against ladies skin

Middle Microfiber layer - provides strong absorbency.

Four Sizes for Option:

Size Small: 8 inch in length X 7 inch in width; 1 layer bamboo charcoal + 1 layer microfiber

Size Medium: 9.5 inch in length X 7 inch in width; 1 layer bamboo charcoal + 2 layers microfiber

Size Large: 11 inch in length X 7 inch in width; 1 layer bamboo charcoal + 3 layers microfiber

Extra Large:12 inch in length X width 8 inch in width; 1 layer bamboo charcoal + 3 layers microfiber

Four kinds of sizes and thickness suitable for Mama, Girl, Maiden - Great for light, medium flow days even some heavy days. Use the shorter pads during the day and switch to longer styles for overnight use, or for extra coverage on heavy days.

When to Change the Reusable Sanitary Pads?

We recommend 6-12 small/medium cloth menstrual pads and 1-3 large heavy flow mama cloth pads each cycle. Simply wrap the wings around your underwear so the soft grey fabric is against your skin and snap into place.

The time you change your cloth pad is as often as you change a disposable pad. You need to check the pad to visually see how saturated it is. Like a disposable pad, if a cloth pad becomes fully saturated, it may leak.

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Leak-free Mini Wet Bag

If you're out of the house, you can easily use and change your cloth pad. Simply bring a mini leak-free Carry Bag with you to hold your used and fresh pads. After taking off your used cloth pad, easily fold the pad in on itself and snap it shut to form a neat little package then slip into your Carry Bag. When return home, you can wash the pads.

Flexible Snaps

Comes with wings that has snaps to make that cloth pad stays well, the special designed two snaps are more flexible for you to adjust the sanitary pads in right condition. No one less thing to worry about.

Soft Bamboo Charcoal Inner Layer

The soft high absorbent fabric is great at soaking up liquid, odors are neutralized, more forgiving of stains, giving you keep fresh feeling.

Machine Washable Leak-free Fabric

On top of the sanitary pads outer layer is 100% leak-free soft material. They are great to keep you off any leaks and spills, and you will feel confidence. These beauty patterns even make you expect the coming of your period. They are a true joy to use each time, improving your quality of life.

Rinse pads with cold water to keep off staining and wash separately. Do not need soaking. Wash in regular time. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Wash per care instructions. Not wash the pads in public facilities. The pads are meant for personal use only and should not be shared with others.

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An Ideal Solution

1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage since all kinds of reasons, Wegreeco brand sanitary pads provide you confidence all day long.

They are washable and reusable. Can work as period panties, post partum maxi pads or washable cloth incontinence pads, great for young women, pregnant and post-partum mothers and even older women with incontinence issues.

Peaceful Period

Someone has issue with her menstrual cycle like always been extremely painful, these beautiful designs pad helping you re-connect with your body, you will feel more relax in period. These pads themselves were a revelation.

Modern Choice

Wegreeco Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads offer a fresh perspective on personal care, it is a subject worth re-visiting, and conscious women are probably searching these pages. We have many fashion patterns for you to choose. They are designed to make life much cooler and your period more fun, gentle and make well being through the whole menstrual cycle.

Great for Our Planet

Surveys estimate that the average menstruator will send up to 16,000 disposable pads, pantyliners, and tampons to landfills, menstruating costs women around EUR18,000 over their lifetime, switching to reusable cloth pads, lessening thousands of tons of sanitary waste around the world each month – it takes 500-800 years to resolve a disposable!

  • Four Size Available, small size 8 inch long X width (including wings) 7 inch, Middle size 9.5 inch long X width 7 inch, Large size 11 inch long X 7 inch, Extra Large cloth pads, length 12 inch X width 8 inch. We recommend 6-12 small/medium cloth menstrual pads and 1-3 large heavy flow mama cloth pads.
  • LOVELY PRINT leak-proof outer of Cloth Sanitary Napkin and comfort of the softer, Bamboo layer against your skin.Great as period panties too.Fold over and snap into place.Never feel embarrassing.
  • CHARCOAL BAMBOO INNER LAYERS of these cloth menstrual pads is soft with maximum and have a stay dry surface.The dark color is forgiving of stains and Not only great at soaking up liquid, smells are neutralized.Middle layers microfiber make this reusable sanitary napkin super absorbent and a new trend in baby cloth diapers too.
  • GREAT CHOICE FOR WOMEN. Reusable and Sustainable. HUGE savings to be made by using HEAVY FLOW / OVERNIGHT reusable, washable cloth sanitary pads over a lifetime.
  • TWO SNAPS DESIGN for better fasten the pads around your underwear and make it more security.Change pad every 2-6 hours or as needed.