Bamboo Safety Razor for Men & Women, Eco Friendly Razor & Travel Bag, Fits All Double Edge Razor Blades, Plastic Free & Zero Waste Shaving

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Jungle Culture Reusable Safety Razors Bamboo Razor Shaving Set Eco Sustainable Men Women Zero WasteThe razorsdouble edge safety razor is expertly crafted, perfectly balanced and designed to last a lifetime. Look no further for visible quality from a renowned brand.

Precision of a cut throat, safety of a disposable:

Safety razors are finely designed to offer you the closest shave possible, with none of the risks of using a cut throat. Created with durability in mind, the single blade shaving razor has an endless lifespan and is suitable for both men & women.

Vastly Cheaper Than Conventional Razors:

Disposable razors and razor blade cartridges have skyrocketed over the last few decades. A typical disposable razor cartridge is expensive and rarely gets recycled. Safety razor blades cost a fraction and can save you money, and the environment in the process. Our products are tested thoroughly to ensure the highest possible standard for our customers.

Safety Guide:

With every purchase of our safety razors we include a digital safety guide online which takes you through everything you need to know to assemble, use and clean your bamboo razor. 

  • 🌿 ZERO WASTE SHAVING: Billions of single use razors & cartridges are disposed of every single year. Double edge bamboo safety razors are the perfect zero waste swap which produce a beautifully clean and safe shaving experience for both men and women.

  • 🌿 DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR:  is a responsible British company who create premium eco friendly products. Our one blade razor is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Made from high quality stainless steel & bamboo, your reusable razor is both durable & effective.

  • 🌿 COST EFFECTIVE : Disposable plastic razors & cartridges are more expensive than safety razor blades & are rarely recycled. By switching to a bamboo razor, you'll not only achieve an irritation free & more comfortable shave, but you'll also save money.

  • 🌿 UNISEX : Our single blade razors are perfectly balanced & give a truly satisfying shaving experience both as an eco friendly razor for women, or an every day wet shave mens razor. Razors also act as the perfect eco friendly gift for both him & her.

  • Contents: 1 x Bamboo Handle Safety Razor, 1 x Hessian Travel Bag, 1 x Magnetic Gift Box