Beeswax Food Wrap Roll-Large 75"x14". Eco-Friendly, Reusable Zero Waste Made In USA

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  • 🌎READY TO ELIMINATE PLASTIC TOXINS AND REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT? Start in the kitchen with Bees4Seas Eco-friendly, Natural Beeswax Food Wrap. Use Organic Wax Food Wrap to replace cling wrap, to cover bowls, and to wrap sandwiches and snacks. Switching to our reusable eco-friendly food Wrap, will keep hundreds of plastic baggies and wraps out of the ocean. Join the plastic free movement and help save the oceans and marine life. Small changes, big impact!
  • 🌎MADE IN THE USA WITHOUT SYNTHETIC WAX AND DYES Our beeswax wraps reusable food wrap food storage wrap are handcrafted, of organic unbleached cotton, jojoba oil and coconut oil, and tree resin, and are free of chemicals and dyes, creating a safe product for you and your family. Some wax products on the market contain harmful synthetic chemicals. Make the switch today, for healthy families and a sustainable tomorrow. Help keep American jobs!
  • 🌎SAVE MONEY WITH BEES4SEAS ECONOMICAL BEESWAX WRAP ROLL AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR FOOD STORAGE SOLUTIONS. Natural Beeswax Food Wrap large Roll measures 14" x 75”. This roll is ready to customize your own wrap sizes for your food storage needs. Makes 4 -14" x 14" x-large, 1 -14" x 10" medium, and 2-7"x8" small or any combination you desire. Wraps are an excellent alternative to plastic sandwich/snack bags and are reusable, which means you’ll save money and the planet!
  • 🌎 GO GREEN WITH REUSABLE, BIODEGRADABLE, SUSTAINABLE Bees4Seas Natural Beeswax Wraps. Reuse your eco-friendly wraps for months! Simply wash the wrap with warm water and a mild dish soap. Air dry. Reuse! When your wraps have worn out and lost their cling, rejuvenate with food grade beeswax or toss them in your compost pile and return to the earth. Natural Beeswax Wraps will decompose in 5-6 months, keeping our oceans plastic free!
  • 🌎BEE HAPPY WITH OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Convenient and easy to use, our food wraps are malleable and can be molded around all shapes. Simply wrap the desired object and mold with the warmth of your hands, which will help seal the product and lock in freshness. When extra cling is needed, such as for backpacking or camping, tie the food wrap with a piece of twine to keep the wrap secure. Natural Beeswax Wraps are a neutral color and will look beautiful in any kitchen.