Biodegradable 6x6 Take Out Food Containers with Clamshell Hinged Lid, Microwaveable, Disposable Takeout Box Great for Restaurant Carryout

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  • SAFER TO MICROWAVE. Plastic styrofoam containers leach out chemicals when microwaved, and microwaving paper is a fire hazard! Get plant fiber boxes that are chemical free and flame-resistant!
  • MORE ECO-FRIENDLY THAN FOAM. Our natural, tree-free plant-based food boxes keep your food warm or cold without sticking around in a landfill for hundreds of years like styrofoam containers.
  • CERTIFIED & SUSTAINABLY SOURCED. Our plant products are certified biodegradable & compostable, and our fibers are from annually renewable agricultural by-products of plant-based food production.
  • A STURDY, LEAK-PROOF PLANT PRODUCT. Paper containers are also earth-conscious, but they don't hold up well to moist foods like our boxes do. Save yourself the trouble of a wet, leaky paper mess!