Biodegradable 6x6 Take Out Food Containers with Clamshell Hinged Lid, Microwaveable, Disposable Takeout Box Great for Restaurant Carryout

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  • Your customers will love these reliable togo boxes that are leakproof, earth-friendly, AND microwave safe! What are you waiting for?

    By purchasing our clamshell containers, you are not only opting for a leak-proof and cut-resistant box, but you're also contributing to eco-conscious efforts! A portion of the profits from these to-go boxes are donated to grassroots organizations to offset carbon emissions.

    These quality boxes are non-toxic and food safe

    They are super safe for your customers and family to eat out of, because they're made with only plants. They're free of so many harmful ingredients, such as: gluten, plastic, tree, dye, aluminum, wax, BPA, bleach, chemicals, and petroleum.

    Seriously, this material can withstand so much more than other typical carry-out boxes!

    You can freeze them in the freezer to preserve your cold treats, reheat hamburgers in them at the office, and use a steak knife on them. They are strong enough to stack top of each other in the refrigerator. When you're finished using them, put them in your compost pile or your local commercial composting facility.

    These earth-tone boxes are versatile for any occasion

    These are awesome single-compartment boxes for any deli, bakery, catering business, party, picnic, get together, camping, BBQ, delivery food service, meal prep, tailgate, wedding, holiday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday, or college dorm.

    What’s in the box?

    You'll receive 100 (one-hundred) of our 6x6x3 inch clamshell hinge-lid containers with tab-and-slot closures. These boxes are a brown color, since they are made of all-natural plant fibers.