Reusable Produce Bags, Natural Cotton Mesh, Biodegradable, Recyclable

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  • OUR NATURAL COTTON mesh is polyester-free, nylon-free, unbleached and BIODEGRADABLE. Some other brands of reusable bags, made of those synthetic plastic-based materials, can take hundreds of years to biodegrade.
  • SET of 9 BAGS: 3 Large (17x11 inches) 3 Medium (13x11) 3 Small (8 x 11)
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - durable material and double-stitched seams. Stainless steel cord lock instead of plastic. (Dry on low heat, or hang to dry.)
  • TARE WEIGHT is on the brightly colored labels so the cashier can easily find it and deduct the bag's weight.
  • OUR PACKAGING IS PLASTIC-FREE and RECYCLABLE. The bags are packaged in a beautifully designed, cube-shaped cardboard box.