Color Pencils, Set of 24 , Multicolored

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An environmentally conscious company, pioneering sustainability with its GREEN family of writing instruments.

The GREEN colors colored pencils are hexagonal and made from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood sourced from sustainable forests. They are the ecological choice for school or home.

ERGONOMIC GREEN colored pencils are hexagonal pencils that are perfect for children anytime anywhere

HIGH QUALITY Made from 100% strictly controlled FSC-certified wood with matt coating

PRECISE WRITING These are high quality colored pencils that has colored leads, in 3mm diameter

UNIQUE DESIGN GREEN colored pencils are uniquely design for children's small hands without feeling discomfort

BRILLIANT COLORS Comes with strong brilliant colors available in sets of 12, 18 and 25. These pencils will arrive pre-sharpened for your convenience