Disposable Patriotic Dinnerware Set, Knives, Spoons, Forks, Paper Plates, Napkins and Cups, 24 Servings

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  • SERVES 24: Includes enough tableware for 24 guests; contains 24 of each of the following: Plastic Knives, Spoons, Forks and Paper Plates, Napkins and Cups.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Plates are thick and rigid and won't fold while carrying food. Napkins are soft and absorbent--a pleasure to use.

  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Flatware set is 100% Food Grade and BPA-Free. Plates, Cups and Napkins are made of environmentally friendly biodegradable paper.
  • GREAT FOR HOLIDAYS: Suitable for 4th of July, Labor Day, Presidents' Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day.
  • Dimensions: Plates 10" and 7", Cups 12 Ounce