Eco-Friendly Rubber Puppy Tooth Care

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  • LEAVE NO TARTAR OR PLAQUE BEHIND – Our dog plaque remover is a 360 degree cleaning brush with rigid bristles that work to grind away plaque and loosen tartar in those hard to reach places! Effectively clean while freshening their breath with the infused peppermint scent
  • SEAMLESS BRUSHING – Cleaning your dog's teeth and mouth has never been easier! Your dog can chew on Dog Dental’s bristly brushing stick safely and effectively clean teeth with just 3-5 minutes of use per day. The deep, rigid bristles also allow space to add dog toothpaste
  • SAFE AND LONG LASTING – Crafted with all natural rubber that is completely safe for your pet, 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic. Unlike other dog toothbrush sticks on the market, ours is unbelievably strong and durable, making it difficult for your dog to destroy!
  • COMPLETE K9 DENTAL KIT – Everything you need to get your dog’s teeth perfectly clean. Included with your purchase of our dog dental care chew stick is a finger toothbrush for a deeper and more thorough brushing. Reach everything your dog missed for the perfect results