Wooden Handle Brush Back Scrubber

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Unclog pores, exfoliate the skin, and improve blood circulation all at the same time.

Using one simple yet effective tool, you can now achieve a healthier looking back skin while making a positive impact on the environment. Refresh your appearance and increase confidence by using this wooden handle back scrubber made from high quality eco-friendly materials you’ll love in your bathroom.   

What makes this product one of your best finds? 


Our brushes are made of 100% degradable materials and will not cause environmental pollution

Can be used both for showering and dry skin brush, remove dead skin, promote lymphatic and blood circulation, improve your skin's quality and leave it softer and smoother.

Remove dead skin, promote lymphatic and blood circulation, improve your skin's quality and leave it softer and smoother.


  • Remove dead skin cells on your back minus the strain. No more painful experiences of trying to reach your entire back using your hands. This wooden handle brush allows a more easy way of scrubbing dead skin cells from the skin.
  • Impressive grip. The anti-slip handle of this wooden back scrubber not only makes exfoliating your back a lot easier. It also looks aesthetically pleasing given the fantastic hemp rope material that was used.
  • Eco-friendly through and through. From the body to the handle and even the bristles, the entire brush is made from eco-friendly materials. With this in mind, you won’t feel bad about adding more to the damage on the planet.
  • Relieve yourself from stress. Feel refreshed and ready to take on another work week. This wooden back scrubber will make massaging your back a blissful experience you’ll look forward to every weekend.
  • Improve the way your body fights infection. Help your skin improve the way it releases toxins from the body through sweat by regularly brushing. This improves your lymphatic system, which helps fight infections in the body. 


Super Long 15.7" Bath Brush.
You can easily reach your feet and back.

High Quality & Eco-friendly materials


With an ecofriendly hemp rope, so you can hang dry


Transform the way you exfoliate your skin with the help of a wooden brush that not only helps you deal with skin problems but also promotes a more eco-friendly living. To add more to what it can do, this brush is perfect whether you’re a fan of dry or wet body brushing.


Achieve a visibly radiant skin while helping the planet heal and recover. Order today and add this eco-friendly wooden back scrubber to the tools you use for achieving the most relaxing bath and shower experience.