Earth's Natural Alternative Wheat Straw Sugarcane Fiber Grab & Go Eco Picnic Pack

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  • Eco-friendly pre rolled napkin contains Unbleached Tree Free napkin, PLA Fork, Knife and Spoon.
  • Made with high quality eco-friendly compostable material
  • It's natural, dye free, bleach free. Perfect for any occasion - picnic, barbecue, Church luncheons, holiday parties and get together, bridal showers, weddings, carnivals, fairs or everyday use.
  • Natural and biodegradable: Made from sustainable & renewable plant-starch and plant-fiber including bamboo fiber and sugarcane fiber (bagasse). Products inside are thick and strong, no lining, unbleached, gluten-free, cut-resistant, and oil-resistant.
  • FOOD: Perfect for serving hot and cold food, greasy and saucy food, slice of cake, pie, ice cream, sandwich, hot dogs, chili, baked beans, salad, chips, and heavy BBQ with sauce.
  • Earth's Natural Alternative Party Pack provides you an easy and convenient way to prepare your party. No need to wash dishes and reduce plastic footprint.