Eco-Friendly 100% Natural Sugarcane Bagasse Fiber Disposable Paper Plates

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Earth-Friendly and Functional

While no one likes the headache of doing dishes, regular disposable dinnerware isn't kind to the environment. Enjoy convenience that minimizes your carbon footprint with small disposable plates from brheez! Completely biodegradable, your heavyweight compostable paperware takes away the hassle and leaves zero waste.

Strong, Sturdy Support

Experience heavy duty disposable plates that can easily support a hefty meal. Unlike other flimsy eco-friendly paper & plastic household supplies, the thicker material of your disposable plates for your party ensures they won’t bend or break under moderate pressure.

Responsibly Made

No need to chop down another tree. Save time while staying eco-friendly with your biodegradable, large paper plates. Renewably and sustainably sourced, your disposable dinnerware plates are created from bagasse, or residual sugar pulp fiber, which is left over after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract the juice.

Decrease Your Waste

Paper tableware might be practical, but it also loads landfills with more trash. Your plant-based large disposable plates are completely compostable and can be disposed of in a composter or buried. Under ideal conditions, they decompose in only 3-6 months.

Plate Full of Benefits

Going green has practical perks with your disposable plate from brheez:
– Microwave, freezer, and oven safe up to 212°F.
– Bleach-free to ensure no icky residue seeps into your meals.
– Leakproof against all liquids, including oil.
– Scratch and puncture-resistant against sharp silverware.

  • The Strength You Need – Be confident your disposable paper plate can handle your heaviest foods. Sturdier than other disposable dinnerware, your 10 inch compostable plates are microwave- and freezer-safe.
  • Reduce Your Footprint – Small steps can have a big impact. Choose sustainably sourced biodegradable plates that are made with bagasse sugarcane pulp fiber, a byproduct of sugar cane production.
  • Make a Meaningful Change – Save time and decrease your waste. Easily dispose of your compostable 10 inch paper plates in a composter, or bury in your backyard. In ideal conditions, they decompose in 3 to 6 months!
  • Leakproof Protection – Never dine on soggy dinnerware. Your heavy duty paper plates are leakproof against all liquids, including oil, so you can delight in your steamy meal without a second thought.
  • Easy Elegance – Elevate your party decor without compromising on convenience. Sophisticated yet simple, your small paper plates enhance your wedding or holiday and require minimal cleanup.