Eco-Friendly Double-Layer Tea Infuser Bottle for Loose Tea, 14 oz.

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Infuse Peace 14 oz. Glass Tea Infuser – A New Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Teas

If you enjoy making tea using fresh tea leaves or fresh fruit, then you’ll absolutely love our tea infuser. Our travel tea tumbler is made using premium-quality and eco-friendly materials that are entirely BPA-free.

The main 14oz bottle has been crafted using double-layered, heat resistant, high-boron silicone glass which is incredibly durable and can withstand temperatures between -20 – 120 degrees Celsius. For the infusion pot, it’s made with high borosilicate glass.

Finally, our filter is made from 304 food-grade stainless-steel and has been designed to ensure little to no herbal matter transfers into the bottle when infusing. With its gravity infusion design, this glass infuser provides you a new exciting and efficient way to enjoy your favorite infused beverages in just seconds.

Our tea and fruit infuser is quick and simple to use in just 5 easy steps:

1. Put your herbal tea or fruit into the infusion chamber pot.

2. Screw the lid onto the infusion pot.

3. Pour Hot water into the 14oz glass bottle and seal it with the other side of the lid.

4. Once properly sealed, turn the bottle upside down and watch as the water becomes infused with your favorite tea/fruit.

5. Turn the bottle upright, unscrew the lid from the bottle, and enjoy your freshly infused tea.

You also won’t have to worry about any spills or leaks when using our travel tea tumbler thanks to its leakproof lid. We’ve fashioned our lid with a food grade silicone ring to securely hold the stainless-steel filter in place and to ensure no water escapes while infusing your tea. The lid also has a lift strap attached to it so that you can easily carry your glass infuser with you anywhere you go. 

  • SMART GLASS TEA INFUSER – Our 14oz tea infuser is the perfect way for you to enjoy your favorite hot teas and beverages in a unique and exciting way. You can make herbal or fruit teas, use tea bags, or experiment to create new delicious beverages.

  • PREMIUM-QUALITY MATERIALS – Our glass tea infuser is made using high-quality and durable materials such as heat resistant (between -20 to 150 degrees C.) double-layered glass, borosilicate, food grade silicone, and a 304 stainless-steel filter.

  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY – With our travel tea tumbler being made from borosilicate, glass, and stainless-steel for the filter it’s entirely BPA-free and toxin-free. Plus, these materials are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making them eco-friendly.

  • LEAKPROOF DESIGN – Thanks to our fruit infusers double airtight seal on both ends of the lid, we’ve been able to make this glass tea infuser entirely leakproof. Ensuring that when you make your tea or other beverage, no water drips or leaks out.

  • EASY TO USE – To use our glass infuser, first place your tea/fruit into the small pot and then seal it with the lid. Pour hot water into the 14oz glass and attach the lid. Then turn it upside down and watch as the water fuses with the tea/fruit.

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