Eco Friendly Toilet Brush, 2 Pack Wood Toilet Brush Made of Beechwood, Strong Hemp Bristles 360° Cleaning Power, Biodegradable Zero Waste Eco Friendly

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What are they made of?
Our eco-friendly toilet brush is made of 100% natural and durable materials. 14' Long handle is made of natural beechwood. Bristles are made of sisal fiber and are pure vegan, plant based and biodegradable. Sisal bristles are made of the sisal plant fiber, which are known since long ago for their strength and durability. Wooden Toilet Brush handle is 14' long for reaching hard to reach spots of toilet bowl. Combined with powerful sisal bristles this wonderful eco-friendly toilet brush can easily scrub and clean you're toilet bowl. 

How to use?
Brushes are ready for use right away. After use, let it dry with bristles facing down to avoid soaking handle in water for a long time.

  • ⁦♻️⁩ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS, ZERO WASTE: Our wooden toilet brush is 100% natural, chemical free and biodegradable. Can be tossed into compost after they wear out. Packed in a recyclable box.
  • 🌴ECO FRIENDLY: Eco friendly toilet brush made of beechwood and plant based sisal bristles.
  • ⁦👍⁩LONG HANDLE: 14' long wooden handle for easy cleaning of toilet bowl.
  • 💪EFFECTIVE & DURABLE: Powerful and durable sisal bristles with 360° cleaning power will effectively clean your toilet.
  • 🌍By using this BIODEGRADABLE ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS you save the planet 2 plastic brushes! Well Done!!