Plant-Based Compostable Eco-friendly Gloves for Food Prep & Cleaning

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  • ✔ COMPOSTABLE & EARTH-FRIENDLY: Made from renewable and sustainable plant-based materials. Compliant with U.S. standard ASTM D6400, as well as European TUV Austria for ‘OK Biobased’ and ‘OK to Compost’ EN 13432 for industrial and backyard composting.

  • ✔ THICK, DURABLE & LEAK RESISTANT: Thick, durable, leak resistant with strong seams.

  • ✔ FOOD GRADE COMPLIANT: High quality and food grade compliant.

  • ✔ EXTRA-LONG, AMBIDEXTROUS & UNISEX: Unisex, ambidextrous, and extra long to cover hands and wrist accessories.

  • ✔ LATEX FREE, POWDER FREE, BPA FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC: Non-plastic, non-nitrile, non-toxic, ideal for most sensitive skin types.