Electric Plasma Dual Arc Rechargeable USB Lighter - Flameless, Windproof, Eco-Friendly

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  • ***USB RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC LIGHTER allows for charging via any standard USB port (USB cord included). Fully charged within one hour and provides 250-300 lights on a full charge! 
  • ***NEWEST ANGLED PLASMA ARC DESIGN makes it the most versatile electric lighter on the market. Perfect for lighting cigarettes, cigars, pipes and bowls, as well as candles and incense, with ease.
  • *** WINDPROOF AND FLAMELESS electric current allows for you to ignite in the windiest conditions. Perfect for campfires, bonfires and smoking in the cold.
  • ***NO MORE HARMFUL BUTANE- The Primo Spark lighter is eco-friendly; don’t waste your money on disposable lighters that are harmful to the environment.