Food Sparkle Yellow Gold - All Natural & Sugar-Free Food Glitter, Gluten-Free Edible Dust For Desserts, Diabetic, Atkins, Vegan Friendly

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  • FUN, PLAYFUL & DELICIOUS FOOD SPARKLE: Life is just a little sweeter and a lot more gold with Good Dee’s Food Sparkle! Good Dee's Sugar Free Food Sparkles are colored with a food dye of natural ingredients. A great alternative to the sugary sparkles, Good Dee’s edible glitter dust takes you back to your childhood. Enjoy the gold sparkle on desserts, ice cream and cakes, including ketogenic ones. Sparkles are so fun and playful and delicious, and can make a seemingly plain dessert vibrant!
  • NATURALLY DYED, EDIBLE SPARKLES: No gluten and no added preservatives, the zero carb sparkles are the perfect gluten and sugar free option for any health-conscious dieter. Sweetened with a special blend of Erythritol, Good Dee’s edible glitter dust is free of toxic dyes and chemicals and is colored with natural colorings. The versatility of these sparkles allow you to customize it for any special diet, taste, or occasion so you can get creative! Cute for little kids, as well as healthier.  
  • GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE & VEGAN: Not everyone is a baker or chef, Good Dee’s makes it easy for you to enjoy life’s sweet moments. Some moments call for sparkle. Good Dee’s glitter for cake is vegan, gluten free, dairy free and kid friendly. Whether you are cutting carbs, joining weight watchers, or trying a ketogenic lifestyle, you can enjoy these without the guilt. These are perfect for adding a fun and sweet finishing touch to your birthday cakes, chocolate dipped candies or ice cream sundaes.
  • QUICK & EASY TO PREPARE & ENJOY: Good Dee’s sugar free sparkles are a fun zero carb way to jazz up all your keto cakes and cookies. Easy and fun to make, they take your keto baking to a whole new level. Good Dee’s Food Sparkles Yellow Gold pack has zero carbs per serving. A strong yellow gold color so cakes and treats stand out! Skip out on the sugar, trans fats, and artificial food colorings by adding pinches of these sparkles. You'll be sprinkling them into everything sweet you eat!
  • COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS: Good Dee's offers a wide range of low carb baking mixes that are also gluten-free. Containing zero maltitol, Good Dee's low carb mixes  like cake mixes, cookie mixes, pancake mixes will fulfill your cravings without making you feel guilty or bloated. We offer our Good Dee’s Extra line complete with sugar-free sprinkles, Allulose sweetened maple syrup, Allulose chocolate chips and frosting. Perfect for anyone with gluten sensitivity, you can’t go wrong with our mixes!