Grill Brush and Scraper with Deluxe Handle - Safe Wire Stainless Steel BBQ Brush

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  • An Exclusive Barbecue Grill Brush Improved from All Grill Cleaning Tools

    Whether you are cooking over gas or electric or charcoal or cast iron, you need to have an efficient grill brush that can keep your grill grates free from food debris. This is when BBQ brush can prove to be efficient.

    Our bbq brush for grill combines with grill scraper, 360ºgrill cleaning bristle designed ergonomically with a nice angle and effortless handle developed ever, which just aims for cleaning quickly, deeply and efficiently your grill each and every time you use it. This is absolutely and exactly that a grill masters and barbecue enthusiasts eager for.

    Clean Your Grill Quickly and Safely with Grill Brush! 

    • Three brushes in one, each with its own equivalent stroke, equivalent to 3 traditional brushes.
    • 125% more rigid in comparison to conventional grill wire brush, no rusting, no bending and long lasting.
    • Five times faster cleaning than ordinary bbq cleaner brush and get your job done in seconds!
    • 18in ergonomic handle is extremely crucial to consider else you would end up burning your hands.
    • Keep always your grill new and shiny by using our heavy duty barbecue grill brush.

    Please follow the latest instructions below for the best cleaning result:

    Step1: Pre-Heat Grill.

    Step2: Use the grill scraper to gently scrape off the dirt or grease on the grill.

    Step3: Fill a small container with water to dip the stainless steel bristle grill brush in frequently while brushing.

    Step4: Work in square sections defined by horizontal grates. Please don’t glide over horizontal grates as you would with a wire grill brush.

    Step5: Angling the bbq cleaner brush backwards slightly can provide a deeper clean.

    Warm tip:

    All brushes wear out eventually. As they get older it is important to check no bristles are coming loose. If this starts happening it's time for a replacement. Suggestions in the barbecue after use, for the sake of safety and health, no matter use any wire brush for grill, please use wet cloth to mop the grill, so as to make the grill without dust, bristles.

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    Ergonomic Construction Our heavy duty grill brush combines with grill scraper, 360ºgrill cleaning bristle designed ergonomically with a nice angle and effortless handle developed ever. This is an exclusive version improved from all grill cleaner brushes.
  • 360º BBQ Wire Brush for Complete Cleaning The BBQ grill brush has bristles facing all the directions for ensuring not just to clean the top and the bottom but also the sides of each bar of the grill without having to remove the grill top.

  • Remove Tough Residues With Scraper The design of bbq scraper and 2 grooves for round grates in the barbecue brush can easily cut through the toughest residues on the grill without leaving any scratches.

  • Rigid yet Lightweight Handle The deluxe handle of the bbq cleaning brush is comfortable and soothing and offers greater leverage and control while cleaning dirty grates. It also comes with a strong ring for hanging up the grilling brush.
  • Thanks to its ability to effortlessly make your grill look like new, the wire grill brush is a must-have for everyone who owns a gas / charcoal / infrared grills, this best grill brush is also an ideal gift for any grill masters and barbecue enthusiasts.