Hemp Scrubber for Dishes and Bath, Eco-Friendly, 100% Hemp Fiber, Biodegradable, No Odor, Unbleached, Plastic Free, Zero Waste

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY- rE: hemp scrubber is made from 100% natural and unbleached hemp fiber that is completely biodegradable. Hemp plant is one of the most sustainable and fast growing crops that does not exhaust soil, requires less water and has no pesticides.
  • ODOR FREE & LONG LASTING- rE: hemp scrubber is loosely woven in a two-layer mesh design to rinse easily and dry quickly. Hemp fabric is active against microbes in nature. This makes our scrubbers stay clean for a longer period and prevents it from developing odor-causing bacteria.
  • NON-SCRATCH- rE: hemp scrubber is strong but is non-scratch at the same time. It is as soft as wool or cotton but four times stronger. It won’t scratch dinnerware, non-stick cookware, stainless steel, glass, crystal, porcelain, or ceramics.
  • MULTIPLE USE- You can not only use rE: hemp scrubber for washing your dishes but also for washing fruit and vegetables. It is also an ideal exfoliating material that is suitable for your daily bathing needs.
  • PLASTIC-FREE- Did you know most kitchen sponges are made from plastics or acrylics and can leave micro-plastic residues if not rinsed properly? rE: hemp scrubber is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly substitute for your home and our planet.