Instant One Hour Eco Friendly Biodegradable and Disposable BBQ Grill for On The Go

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  • Contains (1) – 12.2 x 9.2 x 2 inches / super easy and super portable, eco friendly and biodegradable one-hour grill by CasusGrill
  • The grill can be fully assembled in 5 quick and easy steps
  • Requires no lighter fluid to start thanks to the Quick Oxylite Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes
  • Ready to grill on in about 5 minutes once lit and last for 60+ minutes at about 600 degrees Fahrenheit. All while providing even grilling heat with no flames, minimal amounts of smoke, and up to 50% less CO2 emissions!
  • This biodegradable and eco-friendly grill is made from 100% all-natural materials - Lavastone thermal insulation to retain the high heat, Bamboo Charcoal Briquettes with quick Oxylite, all-natural bamboo grill grate, and biodegradable FSC cardboard