All-Natural Dog Chew Toys

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  • ALL-INCLUSIVE DOG PLAY SET: With Jezbo’s assortment of pet chew toys , you don’t have to purchase different products to meet your dog or puppy’s needs. This collection comes with a plush, stuffed ball, a double knotted rope with squeaky ends, and a double knotted rope with squeaky ends and a ball center . Collectively, they create the perfect combination for entertainment and teeth maintenance .
  • MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY HEMP: These puppy toys for playing and teething are safe for your pets and safe for the environment. Comprised of 100% natural hemp, you can feel good knowing you’re using self-sustaining material that doesn’t contribute to landfill or pollution .
  • SAFE AND GENTLE ON TEETH : These chew and squeak toys are specially made for puppy development and dog play. The soft , oversized ball provides comfort while batting and napping. The strong texture of the rope provides optimal biting conditions for healthy tooth development and maintenance.
  • LONG-LASTING STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: The JEZBO 3-pack of doggie toys provides outlasting resilience due to impeccable craftsmanship and build. Water, tear and bite-resistant , this assortment of toys can withstand hours of playtime and are also UVA-protected to prevent color fading .
  • HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: This pack of 3 chew toys offer a wide range of activities for dogs of all ages , including chewing, chasing, batting, pouncing, playing, and soothing . With a variety of textures, they stimulate body and brain development - even when you aren’t around.