Kick Scooter Shoulder Carrying Strap - No Further Damage to Your Back

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  • 1. Universal — Fit your kick scooters, foldable bikes, balance bikes, etc. It works with anything with wheels that'll fit the strap.
  • 2. Light Weight and Foldable— This strap is easy to put in any bag and take alone with use. It can be carried along in your bag.
  • 3. Good Solution to Anywhere— With this shoulder strap, you can take your scooter anywhere you want.
  • 4. Easy to Use— 1. Attach the Two circle part of the strap to around the bars or the wheels. 2. Adjust the shoulder strap. All done.
  • 5. No Further Damage to Your Back —The strap makes it comfortable for you to carry your scooter easily. The weight of the scooter rests on the shoulder instead of the back when carrying a bike.