Kitchen Compost Bin Stainless Steel (Food Grade 410) Odorless Countertop Compost Pail -Bonus Charcoal Filters & Gardening Gloves

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  • ✅QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Our Kitchen Compost Bin is made from Stainless Steel (food grade 410) for strength and durability. No joins or seams mean a leak free container, and of course Stainless steel means it's Unbreakable. At 1.3 Gallons it's large enough to hold up to a week's worth of food waste (2 people). At 11.5 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter it is small enough to store away below the sink or on your bench top

    ✅DISTINCTIVE and ECONOMICAL Designed in the USA, the distinctive styling of our Kitchen Compost Pail adds a touch of individuality. The brushed stainless steel finish is complimented by our patented styling to provide bins that look great in any kitchen, and on any counter while preparing food. The one piece construction means you will never need expensive bags or liners.

    ✅IDEAL GIFT FOR GARDENERS Our indoor Compost Bin is an ideal gardeners gift. It is an odor free and insect free solution to collecting Kitchen Food Scraps and waste destined for the Composting Bin. Removing unnecessary air holes in the lid, means insects are no problem. Even on your countertop, the firm sealing lid with its dual Charcoal Filters handle what little odor builds up during the few days before emptying. Our Compost pail comes in a beautiful gift box, gift wrapping is available

    ✅ZERO WASTE After emptying into the Composter, simply hand wash the bin with warm soapy water as you would a pan. As the Lid contains the two charcoal filters, simply wipe it over with a damp cloth to avoid unnecessary depletion of the filters. The Filters themselves can be removed and gently cleaned in warm soapy water but this is only needed once each few months. That way you will get up to a year's use from each set

    ✅ BONUS GIFTS Each of our Compost Bins includes one set of Charcoal Filters already installed in the lid, and another Bonus set inside the pail for future use. We have also included a bonus pair of Gardening gloves as a little something extra for the Gardener in your life.