Lavender Essential Oil For Stress Relief, Sleep and Relaxation 10ml

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Lavender Essential Oil For Stress Relief, Sleep and Relaxation - Topical For Dry Skin and Irritation - Inhale to Ease Tension - 100 Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender Oil For Aromatherapy - 10ml 

  • Lavender Essential Oil - Lavandula Angustifolia
  • Sweet and Herbaceous - Our lavendar essential oil has a distinct floral aroma of lavender fields in their full blooms. With strong hints of fresh and sweet herbaceous notes, for air purifier our lavendar oil calms the mind for better sleep and soothes skin.
  • Diffuse or Topical - Use pure lavender essential oil for diffuser aromatherapy to relieve stressful thoughts for peaceful sleep and for anxiety at night for home. For Massage, blend pure lavender oil essential oil with carrier oils to moisturize dry skin for healthy complexion.
  • Improve Sleep Quality - For sleep Lavender essential oils help to ease away stress, headache and tension with its floral scent for deep sleep upon nightfall. Feel awake and refreshed everyday with peace of mind when you use essential oils lavender for diffuser for home.
  • Moisturize Dry Skin - With organic bulgarian lavender essential oil for skin and for scar, it helps to balance moisture levels for the skin, leaving you with a silky soft complexion. Experience natural dewy glow when using lavender oil for skin.
  • Natural Ingredients - lavendar essental oil is harvested from Bulgaria and steam distilled to perfection for humidifer. This essential oil lavender is perfect as organic lavender oil diffuser, lavender oil for hair growth, for candle making, for soap making, for laundry, for face steamer, for bath, for diffuser, for hair, for soap making or lavander essencial oil spray.