Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] Ceremonial Grade - Japanese, Green, 30g (1oz)

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  • What makes Tea so great? Well, our obsessive farmers in Nishio reckon it's all in the art of growing, whilst our matcha artisans insist that their technique is superior to all others. We think it's a bit of both, and are proud to call Tea one of the world's finest matcha teas. 


    We're passionate about matcha green tea - in fact, high-grade matcha is its sole focus. We source the highest-grade matcha in the world from the special Nishio region in Japan, then we grind the premium leaves in small batches and seal it in airtight packaging. This careful treatment pays off: our matcha looks brighter and more vibrant than our competitor's tea, which means it froths easier and tastes more delicious.