Reusable Swim Diaper, Adjustable & Stylish

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Beat the Heat with our Eco-friendly Reusable Swim Diaper that adjusts from birth to potty training

Beau and Belle Littles Premium Reusuable Swim Diapers are adjustable from about 3 Months to 3 Years. We are a small family based company from Loveland, CO. The best part about having an adjustable swim diaper: it lasts longer than other sized options one swim diaper instead of 4-6 different sizes. They come off easily with less mess like a regular diaper (no poop down the legs like the pull-up type swim diapers). The swim diaper is constructed using PUL outerlayer fabric which contains the poop. The polyester mesh inner layer is soft and easy to clean. The Nageuret doesn't contain an inner absorbing layer because once you're swimming that layer would absorb the water and weigh your baby's bottom down. You don't have to worry about having excess water in fabric against baby's skin which is the #1 cause for diaper rash in swim diapers.  The elastic around the waist and legs is comfortable and doesn't cause chaffing like the tough elastic in other diapers or the scratchy fabric from disposable diapers. You can have confidence that you are keeping the pool poop free by using a Beau and Belle Littles swim diaper.

Great as a baby shower gift

Reusable swim diapers are a great baby shower gift for an expecting mother.  If you’re looking for a birthday present and you don’t want to just buy toys, getting kids in the water sooner helps both parent and baby get used to swimming together with swim lessons. If you plan to be out all day you may want to consider bringing along an extra Beau and Belle Littles swim diaper with you, so you have backup clean diapers to continue having fun all day.

Keep the Water Clean

While playing in the sun this summer, don’t forget to keep the splash parks clean by using swim diapers for your babies and toddlers. Use them by themselves or put a swimming suit over it, unless your local pool requires a double layer these can be worn by themselves. Don’t forget to change into a regular diaper when you’re done playing. Swim diapers of any kind aren’t really designed to hold pee. So don’t be alarmed or embarrassed if your Little pees while wearing one of these. And remember to check them regularly as the water from the pool will dissolve poop over time causing it to eventually leak out.

Adjustable to fit most babies through potty training

For the smallest of babies wearing disposable diaper sizes newborn-2 you'll want to snap all of the snaps around the waist. You'll also want to adjust the rise snaps to all the way up. You'll want to snap the rise snaps before trying to put the diaper on. I often will snap one side for the waist as well, slide it on, make sure it gets into the crease of the leg (where the leg meets the groin) and then snap the otherside. You are welcome to put a swim suit over the swim diaper or you can just wear the swim diaper by itself. Beau is funny, he’s SUPER particualr so most of the time we wear ours under a swimsuit (unless we’re trying to advertise… haha) then put on a swim shirt.

Most babies at this age or either exclusively breastfed or are on formula. If you know your baby tends to have explosive poops that their regular diapers can't contain, neither will swim diapers. Please take this into consideration when going swimming with a baby who isn't on solid food yet. Whether your baby is still on breastmilk, formula, or has moved on to solids it’s essential that you are very aware of when your baby does poop so you can change them immediately before their liquidy poop is watered down even more by swimming. Some swim schools and pools require extra protection with a disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable until a baby has solid poop.

The middle size two snaps on each side around the waist and the first row of rise snaps buttoned usually fits babies who wear disposable diapers size 2-4. Please be aware that some babies with thicker thighs may not fit this diaper. When we say it fits newborn-3 we aren't trying to mislead you. We have several customers who have a late potty trainer who can still wear this diaper at 3 and are 36lbs-40lbs, but they tend to be taller with skinnier thighs.

The largest size would be one set of snaps on both sides of the waist and no rise snaps buttoned. Beau (our son) is now 2 and he weighs about 32lbs and is about 36" wears the diaper like this. If we want the diaper to fit more like underwear under his toddler belly, we will snap the first row of rise snaps.

If you are seeing that the diaper is holding water in the bottom, you'll want to make sure that the elastic is in the crease of the legs. This will reduce the amount of water the swim diaper holds. Before you take your baby out of the pool make sure there's no poop in there and simply let the water release by breaking the seal around your child's leg.