Dry Bamboo Wipes - 80 Disposable Pure Bamboo Dry Cleansing Cloths in a Plastic-Free Box

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A Recent Customer Review:
"My order arrived promptly, neatly packaged, looking exactly as pictured. I received a note from the company before I received my order, thanking me for my business & another upon receipt, to make sure everything arrived as I expected. I appreciate this fine customer service & highly recommend this company." - Customer: J. Glenn

  • Why choose ecofriendly and organic dry bamboo wipes? 

  • As a mum of two daughters with sensitive skin, I wanted baby wipes that are clean, safe, waste limiting, and cruelty-free; all things that are important to me. Unfortunately, it was impossible to find a quality natural and ecological product that would be gentle on their skin. 

  • Therefore, I've decided to create what I was looking for! I've spent many months researching & sampling various materials to finally create Disposable Bamboo Dry Baby Wipes. They're made from 100% pure bamboo, so they're incredibly soft, free of icky chemicals & the box is also plastic-free. The wipes are not pre-moistened so there is no risk of bacteria or mold developing. Everything is recyclable & biodegradable.

  • What's in it for you?

  • Dry wipes also give you the freedom to use them as either dry wipes or wet wipes (simply add water)

  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN.  They are chemical free baby wioes made from 100% pure bamboo. Our wipes are perfect for your baby’s delicate skin.

  • SOFT AND TEAR RESISTANT. Bamboo is supremely soft and silky, provides you with truly unparalleled comfort; It is highly absorbent, gently removes moisture from your skin leaving no harmful residue; Bamboo fibers won’t easily tear or rip thanks to their embossed honeycomb structure and cross woven production technique

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - VEGAN - 100% Bamboo 100% BIODEGRADABLE – Bamboo is incredibly environmentally-friendly, produces 35% more oxygen than trees, doesn't require pesticides & herbicides and only needs 1/3 of the water that cotton does in order to grow; Since Bamboo is a grass species there is no need for replanting. Bamboo is a ‘greener’ material that simply returns to the Earth

  • MULTI-USE. Dry Bamboo Wipes are an essential item in your daily life; They are perfect for Baby Care, Makeup Removing, Personal Care, Pet Care, Travel, etc.