Natural Bamboo Baby Spoons Gum-Friendly BPA-Free and Lead-Free

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set of 5 baby feeding spoons bamboo and silicone

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

This gentle baby spoon set is a great gift for baby showers, first birthdays, the holidays or any other special occasion! Any expecting parents will be thrilled to have baby utensils that are specially designed to keep their children safe and making feeding time a breeze.

The high quality Moso Bamboo base is lightweight so that your child can navigate the spoons to their mouth all by themselves. Teaching self-feeding has never been easier with these light yet durable baby spoons.

The combination of the silicon and Moso Bamboo make the spoons 100% BPA free, so that you don't need to worry about any harmful bacteria getting into your baby's mouth.

The perfect way to feed any baby, infant or toddler, the spoon set offers a flexible silicon tip that is extra gentle on their tender mouths. The lightweight bamboo base allows your baby to try and feed themselves, just be ready to clean up the mess!

The spoon set is specially designed to be easy to wash, so that you can be ready for the next feeding time, no matter how messy your last meal was!

As a newborn's parent, we want to make your life as easy as possible. That is why we created these soft, gentle and flexible baby spoons to help your child learn to feed themselves, giving you one less responsibility!

Light and designed for you to take with you in your baby bag, you can pull these spoons out wherever your baby eats. From restaurants to family gatherings, the spoons are always right there to provide your child with a gentle eating experience.




The weaning spoons are designed to be as light as possible, allowing your baby to handle it by themselves. This helps them begin the process of self-feeding, as they can easily lift the lightweight bamboo spoon to their mouths all by themselves.

The lightweight and compact design on the spoons means that you can take them with you anywhere! Simply back them up with the baby food so that you can have feeding time no matter where you are.

Soft, gentle and lightweight, this weaning spoon set has been designed to help your child master the art of self-feeding from an early age. Through the ergonomic bamboo base and silicone tip combination, you know that your infant can safely navigate the spoon without damaging their gums. 

Let Your Toddlers Enjoy Using these Weaning Spoons!