Natural Hemp Sponges for Dishes - Biodegradable Eco Friendly 100%-Compostable Set of 3

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  • Why you should choose hemp scrubber for dishwashing?

    -The organic scrubber knits tightly of four threads so it does not lose its appearance even after washing in hot water;

    -Hemp UNsponge is immediately ready for use and does not need to be soaked;

    -Unlike cotton and loofah sponges, hemp fiber does not absorb much water, therefore it dries quickly and does not stink;

    -Each natural kitchen scrubber is knitted manually and does not harm the environment during production;

    -We use packaging from recycled paper and do not print the logo on it, thereby reducing environmental damage;

    -At the end of its service life, you can throw the biodegradable scrubber into the compost.


    What do you get by buying a knitted hemp scrubber for dishes?

    - In each set you will find 3 reusable hemp scrubbers 4x4 inch connected by love and care for you.

    -Guaranteed replacement of the scrubbers if they last less than 5 months;

    - Confidence that by throwing out the natural scrubber, you do not harm the environment;

    Caring for a knitted dish scrubber:

    - After each use, rinse with clean water and hang to dry;

    - When contaminated and disinfected, wash at 90 °C (194°F)


    THAN WASHING DISHES BEFORE PLASTIC KITCHEN SPONGES APPEARED? 🔃 Biodegradable scrubber for dishes, hand knitted from green organic materials. Eco friendly alternative to plastic sponges and metal scrubbers that can be composted.
  • DURABILITY AND PRACTICALITY 👉 Reusable Hemp scruber dries well and does not absorb odors. It can handle machine wash well and will last 5-6 months withoutlosing its appearance.
  • CLEAN DISHES WITHOUT SCRATCHES. 👌 Hemp unsponge perfectly clean dirty sink, pots, pans, plates,leaving no scratches on the non-stick coating. There is also a convenient loop for drying.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING 🌱 You will receive scrapers in a box of recycled paper without advertising logos so that you can reuse it.
  • PRACTICAL GIFT ☘️ Hemp scrapers will be a great gift for people who stick to the zero waste lifestyle or the day of those who are just at the beginning of this journey.