Vegan Shampoo with Essential Oils

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Quality, Harmony and Sustainability

Noah by Pure Brands was founded in 2006 near Venice, Italy with the aim of satisfying a worldwide demand for effective and exceptional natural hair products. Each and every one of the ingredients that goes into a Noah essential oil shampoo, conditioner, styling or colouring product is carefully selected from the finest certified organic botanical sources, then distilled and refined using proven, centuries-old techniques of extraction. Not tested on animals and 100% cruelty free, Noah is all about harmony for you and harmony for the environment.

The difference between good hair and bad hair can be as simple as the shampoo you are using. Engage with beautiful hair the natural way today.

live your hair

Stronger Hair Means Longer Hair

Want beautiful hair? The combined anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients of our botanics shampoo help to eliminate itchiness, dryness and dandruff on the scalp by keeping the production of sebum under control while simultaneously moisturising and calming the scalp. Together they work to soften hair strands, restoring moisture and promoting shine. Hair follicles are stimulated and strengthened. And stronger hair results in fewer breakages, meaning longer, healthier hair. Together their divine floral scents work to calm the senses for perfect relaxation.

Volumizing shampoo with citrus fruits Moisturizing shampoo with sweet fennel Regenerating shampoo with Argan Oil Purifying shampoo with green tea and basil Color protection shampoo Fortifying shampoo with black pepper and peppermint
Other NOAH products from this line THICKENING SHAMPOO combines essential oils of lemon, orange and bergamot, leaving the hair lustrous, fresh and with naturally thicker strands. MOISTURISING SHAMPOO combines essential oil of sweet fennel and wheat proteins, leaving the hair soft and smooth. REGENERATING SHAMPOO combines Argan Oil and vegetal derivatives to combat dryness, brittleness & loss of shine and elasticity in hair. PURIFYING SHAMPOO combines Green Tea and Basil to give vitality and new energy to the hair. It contains a derived of Undecylenic Acid to eliminate the itching sensation. COLOR PROTECTION SHAMPOO is a silicone free shampoo formulated for the enhancement of hair colour and to prolong its duration and intensity. FORTIFYING SHAMPOO with active ingredients to form a natural treatment; contain anti-oxidant properties and complex cellular aging preventers to naturally fight free radicals.