Sustainable and Eco-friendly Pencil

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  • The Pencil “TIP” | Each year over 82,000 trees are cut down to make pencils. TIP’s mission is to prevent further climate-changing deforestation by changing the way pencils are made. By utilizing an ultra-compressed writing nib, TIP can outlast and replace up to 200 traditional pencils.

  • BENEFITS: Eco-friendly | Replaces 200 wood pencils | Erasable | Extremely durable | No sharpening | Replaceable tip for refills

  • JOURNALING/WRITING | Works great for journaling, note-taking and writing since it never needs to be sharpened and is erasable if needed. | DRAWING | Allows artists to use the point for fine lines and the side of the tip for shading. TIP is graded HB and is slightly lighter than a #2.

  • KIDS | The durable tip allows kids to practice their writing without the frustration of breaking the tip or using ink that is likely to stain and cannot be erased.

  • WOODWORKING & DIY | Easily mark cut lines and drill holes without having to sharpen your pencil. The no-roll ring at the top ensures your pencil never rolls off your workbench.