Plant Based Straws, 100% Compostable Eco Friendly Alternative to Plastic Straws

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Plant Based Plastic Straws

StrawPanda, For the People. For the Planet. 

  • Our plant-based (PLA) disposable straws are an excellent alternative to standard, wasteful plastic straws.
  • They might look like plastic, they might bend like plastic, they might last in drinks like plastic, but rest assured our StrawPanda plant-based straws are far (far!) from plastic.
  • Made with corn-based bioplastic PLA, our straws offer the durability and convenience of a standard disposable plastic straw, yet our straws are entirely natural.
  • For the People. For the Planet.
  • And We’ll Plant a Tree, Too! Like all StrawPanda products, our plant-based PLA straws are people-friendly and are designed to have a positive impact on our planet. To increase that impact further, and to increase your good vibe that you made a positive purchase, for every purchase of a StrawPanda product, a tree will be planted. Sip On! Sip Well!
  • We offer multiple choices in our plant based straws:
    • 200 Pack Assorted Color Bendy/Flexible Straws
    • 100 Pack Assorted Color Straight Straws
    • 250 Pack Translucent/Clear Straws
    • 200 Pack Individually Wrapped Translucent / Clear Straws.


  • Plant Based Straws: Our Biodegradable straws are made from renewable resources and do not have the environmental impact of plastic straws
  • Standard Size: These bendy straws are great for home, parties, restaurants, the beach, or as an environmentally friendly gift. These bendable straws are kid friendly and can be used anywhere that does not allow standard disposable straws. Perfect for cups, tumblers, glasses, smoothies or any beverage holder
  • Strong & Sturdy: Our PLA straws will not get soggy like paper straws or fall apart after being in your drink. Our flexible straws will hold up in your drink and provide long lasting support for your beverage
  • Compostable and Eco Friendly: Our compostable straws meet all of the requirements for biodegradable and commercially compostable products. Use these drinking straws to replace your paper straw or plastic straws disposable without the guilt of wrecking the environment