Premium Reusable Mesh Shopping Bags Set of 9

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  • UNIQUE: Our premium grocery mesh bags come with Two Storage Zipper Pouches for an easy carry anywhere, and they can also be used for storing your pens, small toys, cosmetics, as well as cables and wires for your gadgets. And to make you not forget your bags when shopping, we’ve also included in the package a Set of Two Save the Fish keychains, as a reminder not to leave your bags when it’s time to hit the grocery and to get rid of using single-use plastics in your life, forever!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: From the market to your home, our grocery bags are convenient with their carry handles, and they keep produce fresher and longer when storing in the fridge (Except for green leafy vegetables, which should be stored in sealed containers). Our premium bags are not just for produce and grocery though, and with so many different sizes, you just might find all sorts of household items to use them for, from the little guy's Legos to Grandma's favorite stamp collection.
  • ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: Size and quantity do matter. This set includes a whopping bulk quantity of 9 mesh bags and 2 zipper pouches for storing your bags and your little stuff. Made up of 4 standard size bags (12 x 18 in), 5 large bags (15 x 26 in), and 2 small storage pouches with zipper. From storing produce in the fridge, to keeping a spare set in your trunk, you're covered. Those pesky hard-to-open plastic bags will finally be a thing of the past.