Reusable Coffee Filters, Eco-Friendly Compostable Cloth, Organic Natural Cotton Coffee Filters Made in the USA

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coffee filter
coffee filter
coffee filter

  • THE BEST FOR YOUR COFFEE: Start using natural, organic, sustainable filters for your coffee and taste the difference it can make every day. Our fabric is made to preserve the natural subtle flavors of even the highest grades of coffee.
  • REUSABLE AND RELIABLE: These 2 organic cotton filters should last about an entire year! Our cotton cloth filters are carefully graded to give you the perfect extraction from your beans every time. It's the easier, tastier, zero-waste way to make coffee!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY BASKET FILTERS: This pack includes 2 reusable Chemex X6 Carafe 6-13 cup filters. Our fabric is sustainably sourced and American-made to last longer and perform better. These are zero-waste filters that are compostable once you're done with them. Find the exact filter you need at our Amazon store!
  • BETTER BREWING: Reusable cotton coffee filters give you a better more consistent brew. When you start brewing much of the flavor is held back, but by the end when the single-use paper starts to break down, it contaminates your coffee and allows grounds to enter the brew.
  • COFFEESOCK: CoffeeSock started over 10 years ago to create all-natural, organic, sustainable filters for your coffee. Over the years we have tweaked our socks to absolute brewing perfection. All of our products are American made and we're proud to serve customers across the USA!