Reusable Eco Friendly Bamboo Towels 2-Roll Set, 70 Sheets, Bag Included

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  • 😊Value Pack: 1 roll of Original Bamboo Towels (50 sheets + a wash bag) and 1 roll of Heavy Duty Bamboo Towels (20 sheets). 1 roll replaces up to six-month use of everyday paper towels. No more paper towels bulk. 

  • 😊Multi-Purpose: Safe on most types of surfaces. Original Bamboo Towels are soft and lint free, excellent as napkin, face towel, makeup remover cloth, cleaning towels for window and screen. Heavy Duty Bamboo Towels are thick and absorbent, excellent as shop towels, dish rags, and sweeping pads.

  • 😊Eco-Friendly & Zero Waste: Bamboo is a super sustainable plant, which can grow to full size 120 times faster than normal trees without pesticides and chemicals. Our "unpaper towels" are made from rayon of 100% organic bamboo with recyclable packaging.

  • 😊Easy to Use & Care: Compatible with standard kitchen towel holders. Hand wash or machine wash. Air dry. Each sheet of Original Bamboo Towels is reusable and washable up to 85 times, and sheet of Heavy Duty Bamboo Towels is up to 120 times.