Reusable Filter Cups Compatible with Keurig 1.0 K-Cups - Includes Freedom Clip for Compatibility With Keurig 2.0 Machines, 4-Pack

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You probably know us for our premium water filters. Today you get to learn something new about us...

At K&J we're serious coffee people. Since premade K-cups just didn't cut it anymore, we searched far and wide for a good reusable cup that would give us the flexibility to brew exactly what each of us liked and would last a long time to boot. After trying countless reusable K-carafes and K-cups (including ones with shapes stamped into them, gold coating, and other gimmicks) and suffering innumerable blowouts, leaks, and clogs, we came to the conclusion that if we wanted it done right, we'd just have to make our own.

So here you have it; a solid, functional, reusable hot drink brewing apparatus that is about as close to commercial grade as one can without breaking the bank. 

A reusable K-cup unlocks a whole new world of possiblities for your Keurig brewer. Where you were once forced to buy new k-cups over and over, and brewing only what some large company thought you'd like to drink, you may now brew literally ANYTHING you want using that same brewer!

Enjoy an earthy mug of freshly stove-roasted Blue Mountain coffee, ground right before you brew it. Or a light, contemplative cup of purple-leaf green tea. We recommend keeping one K-cup for tea and one for coffee if you like both.

Whatever you're brewing, we would love to hear from you in the review section below. We adore customer feedback!