Reusable Qtip Ear Swab and Makeup Swabs Kit, 2 Cases with 8 Reusable Silicone Cotton Swabs for Ears, Baby, Beauty, 10 Piece Set

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  • ✅TIPS THAT WON’T FALL OFF: Isn’t it horrifying to see silicone reusable cotton swabs being sold that dislodge their tiny tips INSIDE people’s ears. No one wants that trip to the ER, right? Well, thankfully these, are not those! Using the strongest Medical Grade Adhesive, ear swabs last 10 Years – tips fully in tact! So you can appreciate the zero waste life, without any extra worries.
  • ✅2 KITS, 4 SWABS (8 TOTAL): Use one for home, and one for somewhere else! You get two reusable swabs cases (2 x 3.2 inches) with (2) “Regular” Cotton Swab Shape, (4) Double-Ended Nodule Tips, (2) Black Cotton Swabs Shape with Pointy Tip and Regular Tip and (2) Cleaning Brush. So when you order yours now, you’ll get 8x Makeup and Ear Swabs, 2x Cleaning Brushes, 2x Cases and 1x Instruction Guide total.
  • ✅ Ideal for the elderly, children, pets: The Zero Waste Reusable Swab Set is ideal for the elderly, children, pets and babies. The case and ‘stems’ are solid BPA Free Plastic and designed for 10 Years of Reuse. So, just one pack protects earth and its oceans from at least 20,000 disposable ear cotton swabs
  • ✅EASY TO CLEAN WITH, & EASY TO CLEAN! Did you know, it’s easier to clean mascara and eyeliner with a silicone cotton swab? And while others say silicone is too smooth for ears, others ADORE the nodule tips for earwax! Don’t push them into the ear canal! To clean, you can use makeup remover, mild soap, sanitizer, hot tap water, or use the brush included.