Reusable Unpaper Towels - Eco Friendly, Zero Waste, Washable, Paperless Bamboo Towels - 10 pack Super Absorbent, 4 Ply Thick & Strong

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Use Clothes as an Alternative to Wasteful Paper Towels

Save 250 rolls of paper towel


Save Money From Paper Towels

Bamboo Cleaning Cloth is designed to reduce waste, save money. We have created a high-quality product for kitchen&cleaning. The bamboo cleaning cloth is perfect for the cleanup missions, absorb spillages and messes far easier than a paper towel. These are four-ply thick&strong clothes and it doesn't leave any streaks on surfaces. This paper tower alternative is made up of pure fabric that is reusable and durable with minimal size shrinking.

MACHINE WASHABLE FOR EASY CARE: Highly absorbent, quick-drying, dryer safe and machine washable, low shrinkage and low lint, stands up to many items of washing. We recommend washing the clothes in a wash bag with a natural detergent. It is highly recommended to wash the clothes before the first use as this helps to increase absorbency. We don't recommend using the cloths with chlorine bleach because it will shorten the longevity of clothes.

REUSABLE: Takes the place of paper towels and they can be washed and used again and again.

MULTI-PURPOSE CLOTH: Perfect for any household chore. Cleaning & drying dishes, washing windows, wiping the kitchen counter, cleaning up spills. Use as a handkerchief, facecloth, wiping baby’s faces or bottoms, or for lunchbox napkins. These cleaning cloths can handle whatever you throw at them.