Reuseable Mesh Bags- Zero Waste and Eco Friendly

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  • Looking for Mesh Bags to go with your Shopping needs?

  • These mesh bags are great for fresh produce!

  • BPA FREE FOOD SAFE PLASTIC ALTERNATIVE: These mesh bags are BPA free, food safe, and won’t influence the taste of your produce. Each mesh bag is durable enough to replace 1,000 uses of a plastic bag.

  • They are made of a double stitched, high-quality, light polyester material that is sturdy enough to carry weights up to 13 pounds, but gentle enough to protect fruits, vegetables, grains, avocados, and so much more!

  • UNLIMITED USES: These mesh bags have endless amounts of uses! You can use them for grocery shopping, keeping your produce fresh, storing toys, clothes, shoes, small items, cosmetics, or any loose items. The breathable mesh pouches allow you ripen fruit inside the bag, all while protecting them.

  • DURABLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE – They are tough, tear-resistant, and durable, but delicate enough to properly protect your produce. They are machine washable, which allows you to wash your more delicate laundry inside of them with no issue.

    ZERO WASTE LIFESTYLE – Reusable bags are a great first step into the zero-waste lifestyle. While it may be difficult to be completely waste free, these mesh bags will help you take a giant leap into practicing a more sustainable, and eco-friendly way of living. You can extend the life of your produce, all while protecting the earth!

    VARIETY OF SIZES - Each set includes 2 Extra-large Bags, 2 Large Bags, and 2 Small bags. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities, allowing you to select the most suitable one for each task.
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