Shower Head Set, Stage Shower Filter for Hard Water Removes Chlorine and Harmful Substances

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Featuring 20 stages of MAXIMUM water filtration, our shower head water filter makes bathing pets enjoyable and safe and leaves their coats soft and smooth.

Thanks to advanced filtering technology, after bathing, your baby’s skin will always be silky and healthy. Our shower head can filter hard water to remove chlorine and fluoride, heavy metals and other sediments. Our shower filter keeps itchy eyes, dry skin and dandruff at bay.

Along with the vitamin infused shower filter and bathroom shower head set, you’ll get an EXTRA high pressure spray plate,five shower caps to keep your hair dry and Teflon tape to prevent leaks.

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Luxury Shower Head Set: Includes 20+3 stage shower filter for hard water removal of chlorine and harmful substances

High Output Shower Head: Features 1 high output jet for a powerful showering experience

Wall Mounted Design: Conveniently mounts to the wall for easy installation

Stainless Steel Construction: Durable metal construction built to last

Chrome Finish: Sleek and stylish chrome finish complements any bathroom decor